Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oak tree and its symbols

In the folk tradition the oak is often linked to justice.
Did you know that in France King Louis IX who was nicknamed Saint Louis gave justice under an oak? In Britain, Robin Hood had its headquarters in an Oak in the Forest Sherwood near Nottingham.
In many countries the oak also symbolizes sustainability. In French folklore a couple who have been married for 80 years exchange presents made of oak.
Romans, Celts and Germans praised this sacred tree as a vivid symbol of values such as virility, strength, endurance and longevity.
Several countries use the oak branch as a symbol of stability for their political systems.For example, pfennigs were illustrated by an oak branch and so are German euro cents. In France you can see a crown of olive and oak on coins .
The oak leaf in France also adorns the cap of general officers and some decorations such as the Legion of Honor and the Medal of the National Order of Merit.

By Mégane, Laura and Mélaine
For the French team

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